PSU/GPU upgrade gone awry

So I've been carefully planning the upgrading of my media center HTPC into a reasonably nice gaming PC. It's a Dell XPS 8500 with i7, 16GB RAM, all the fixins. Today I finally pulled the trigger and installed a EVGA GTX670 along with a Corsair TX650M psu. I chose those after lots of online research including confirming that others had installed those into the same model computer. It was a tight fit but I got it all in there and it wouldn't turn on. After some troubleshooting I realized I didn't have the 4-pin CPU power cable hooked up right, and after changing that it booted up and worked fine. I downloaded the nvidia driver updates, watched a video, then had to go put the kid down for the night. I came back a few hours later and it was off and wouldn't turn on. I turned the power supply switch on and off, and since then it'll turn on but only to run all fans at full speed-- no video output, no boot into windows or bios, just the fans at full strength.

I'm new to the PC world and have only a basic knowledge of what I'm doing so I'm not sure I can fix it myself, but does that sound like anything recognizable? Did I fry my CPU or do I just have something hooked up wrong? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Sounds like you've got a cable loose in there somewhere, which isn't uncommon in SFF builds - even though you think they're in, the curve you have to put on the wire loosens them just slightly.

    Double check your 6-pin PCIe and 4 or 8 pin CPU header... not to mention your 20/24 pin motherboard header.
  2. Check the PCIe connector to the video card, make sure it is locked and secure. Check all other power supply connections for a secure lock to components.
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