Lowest profile AMD CPU cooler (FM2 compatible)

Hi guys,

I am in the midst of building a HTPC inside of an old Nintendo 64 case. I decided to go with a mini ITX FM2 board and the A10-5700 65W processor. I have seen that at least 2 other individuals have attempted this and posted their results online. The first did an atom build and the other did a socket 775 build. For this reason the coolers they used would not be an option for me. I figure that the cooler has to be at most 30 mm high, socket FM2 compatible, and be able to cool a 65W processor. Right now my build is at a stand still as I await the release of a decent mini ITX FM2 board (right now the ASRock FM2A75M-ITX is the only option and its over heating issues are not something id like to deal with). So I figure I have some time to get feedback about low profile AMD CPU coolers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 30mm is quite dinky, the one below is 34mm I think. You could always ask them if they know of anything smaller.


    Akasa do a thin one for AMD but I can't work out when they say total 29mm if that includes the fan or not.

    Hopefully you'll get some more suggestions in as small builds are quite popular.
  2. I did see the Akasa cooler and had the same question as well. On the Akasa website it says that the total height is 29 mm but then in the description it goes on to say that the heatsink is 29 mm and below that it says the fan is 10 mm. Also it don't mention what TDP it is rated for. I suppose for now that is the most promising option.

  3. well im sorry id help u more but making weird modded pcs in a sega case isnt my speciality.
  4. You have nothing to be sorry about Iceclock. I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  5. no problem just stating usually i can help, but this situation have no freaking clue what to recommand :P
  6. The akasa unit is a total of 29mm including the fan its a 19mm heatsink with a 10mm fan on it
  7. The akasa unit is a total of 29mm including the fan its a 19mm heatsink with a 10mm fan on it
  8. The akasa unit is a total of 29mm including the fan its a 19mm heatsink with a 10mm fan on it
  9. Updating the recepit could be:
    A10-6700 or A10-5700 (both 65W TDP cpu)

    AKASA AK-CC1101EP02 (low profile cpu cooler < 30mm)

    MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 (motherboard alternative to the asrock one)

    I have a M350 enclosure

    with a picoPSU of 160W and 150W power adapter
    Too short? Did you manage to relize the project?

    We are not alone:

    Any feedback would be appreciated
  10. I have been using the M350 Case and the problem with it is that using FM2 mobo in that case positions the CPU (and Heatsink) in the middle of the case disallowing installation of any 2.5" drive in either the left or the right mount position (those who used that case would know what I am referring to), unless the total hight of the heatsink + fan is less then 35 mm. There is a limited choice of such low profile coolers for AMD processors (AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2). Try searching through some Chinese sites.... Good luck
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