New 7850, Drivers aren't Recognized in Windows, Frustrated

Hello, I recieved my MSI 7850 in the mail today and I can't get the card to install property.

I spent 4 hours trying to get the stupid drivers to work but it doesn't. Everytime I reboot I get put into low resolution and its sooo annoying.

I have tried the 12.7 beta, 12.6 drivers but it just leaves me with, AMD cannot detect any graphics drivers and we have encountered a issue. (Caution by the card in the device manager)

Sometimes I can get the card to read out on MSI Afterburner but sometimes it doesn't. So frustrated!

Drivers and specs of card don't exist in MSI Afterburner. As well as there are unsigned driver signatures at the end of the installation.

I removed all the Nvidia drivers before I installed AMD's drivers but still it just leaves me hanging.

Any options of what I should do?

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  1. Use driver sweeper for removing nvdia drivers.... and then clean install 12.7
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