Performance / Price Card for 3D Modeling and Game Design


Can anybody Give me "Price + Performance" best Graphic Card for 3D Modeling and Game Design

I use :
Blender ,Maya ,Unity3D, Photoshop, after effects

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  1. I'd suggest quadro 600. You cannot get anything better for similar price, and it's miles faster than similarly priced gaming cards at 3d design.
  2. Hi Sunius..

    I Search the web for "quadro 600" and i get this site

    quadro 600 has Buffer Memory 1 GB DDR3
    the FirePro 4900 has Buffer Memory has DDR5

    Firepro V4900 price is close to quadro 600

    quadro 600 $149.99
    Firepro V4900 $161.97

  3. Yea, but not none of those programs use CUDA. The benchmark you linked in an openCL benchmark, which means that AMD cards will get an advantage. The reason why you couldn't find cuda omparison is because AMD cards don't work at all with it.

    Both photoshop and aftereffects use cuda. Which means AMD card will simply disable that feature. I stick with my recommendation.
  4. 80% of my work is in OpenGL interface like blender , Maya then 20% Photoshop after effects
  5. i don't need CUDA at for video editing
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