Best case for my build

Here are the current specs of my computer

Case- Nzxt 410
Psu- Corsair tx850
Cpu- Amd 965
Cpu Cooler-Corsair h100
Gpu- Evga gtx 460 2win
1 dvd drive
1 hard-drive

I really don't like this case. I think it is a bit to small even though it looks rather large. its to flashy IMO.

I would like a case that can fit the corsair h100 push pull fan setup and my 11.5 inch video card.

I would like a case that is quiet solid and more or less plain. I use this computer at my home office. We sometimes have clients visit here and I think the case looks unprofessional and childish.

I see a few fractals look rather nice.

I really dont want to spend more then $100 on a case.

Let me know what you think would be a good setup for this

just a fyi this card gets a bit hot need good airflow.
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  1. Take a look at the Fractal Design R4. I used the Arc Midi and now the have a ver 2 out but I think the R4 has isolating foam installed to make it super quiet. It is slightly above the $100 mark but it looks worth it.
  2. Fractal Design R4 looks classy.

    It's a silent case and it's recommended by Tomshardware.,review-32595-13.html - Comparison (conclusion)

    It has a physical fan controller so you can make it very silent, whenever you got clients. If you want to do something intensive like gaming, rendering, editing and your hardware becomes hot, then you can easily just ramp up the fan speed by a simple push of a button on the front and get better cooling.

    It also has sound dampening material in the front and on both sides.

    It has space at the top for a dual fan radiator and a detachable harddrive cage, if you need space for a REALLY long GPU, so no problems with the space. It also has quite large space for your cable management behind the MOBO.

    If you wanna look proffesional but still be functional, then the R4 is the way to go.
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