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Will a Phenom II X4 955 bottleneck a 7870?

Helping a friend build a comp and I'm wondering if a Phenom II X4 955 will bottleneck a Radeon 7870.
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  1. You might want a X4 965 or the fx series, but it shouldn't bottleneck the card.
  2. unlikely unless its single threaded and very undemanding. if you get to many fps on a single thread the cpu 200+ could cause fps bouncing. but turning on vsync on would sort that out.
  3. shouldnt be an issue. but as dj said, getting a little bit stronger cpu such as the fx 4300 or 6400 would be a better investement than an old phenom chip.
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    Rig in my sig is similar to what you're doing, but yes, I agree the newer PileDrivers are worthy successors, but I understand that Phenom IIs are still capable chips sub -$100 these days, its a hell of a deal to pass up. The FX-6300 is a pretty good CPU for the money.
  5. yar.
  6. My 965 bottlenecks my 7870 but not very heavily

    once you get the pii to 3.8 it will be fine
  7. Overclock it to at least 3.6GHz and you'll be just fine, I would push for around 3.8GHz though.
  8. those amd phenom 2 chips overclock easy, 3.6 is mad easy.
  9. deneb is crap overclocker lol

    4.0 is a push unless u got real lucky
  10. timil said:
    deneb is crap overclocker lol

    4.0 is a push unless u got real lucky

    Says the guy who downclocked his. LOL.
  11. lol
  12. i have my phemon x4 955 oveclocked at 3.8 and they overclock easly
  13. yar, this is true.
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