Do i need to buy thermal paste when upgrading my cpu heatsink

Im looking to purchase the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO i was just wondering if i would need to buy some thermal paste to install it or would it already come with some? I tried googling, sorry ! :)
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  1. not it comes with the aftermarket heatsink :D
  2. iceclock said:
    not it comes with the aftermarket heatsink :D

    So will i get a tube or will it just be applied to the heatsink i am buying? Is it worth getting some better quality paste
  3. a little tube with thermalpaste yes.

    nah coolermaster has decent paste.
  4. Yeah, Cooler Master paste is not bad. If you want to lower your temps by a few more degrees then go with something like IC Diamond.
  5. got a link for that, ive used artic silver works great.

    never heard of ic diamond.
  6. The one bad thing about IC D is it will scratch the surface of the CPU / GPU. That is by design. So if you have any desire to potentially sell your CPU or GPU 2nd hand, then you might want to think twice about using IC D.

    Actually for the GPU it should be fine 'cause most people do not replace the thermal paste on a GPU unless they really need to... and unlike the CPU, the heatsink will already be attached.
  7. interesting, but i dislike the fact it scratches the surface of the cpu.

    nice temps but wouldnt do it for resell purposes.
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