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Need a straight forward answer please

im planning on slamming my rig with a 7850 videocard, my only concern is that,will my pc be able to work without any compatiblity problems?

my current spec is;
athlon II 240 oc'd to 3ghz
generic 500 wat power supply
mobo-M2N68-AM PLUS asus
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  1. I would not be so sure about that power supply, I'd get something more decent, like corsair cx 500. About everything else, it will work without any problems.
  2. thanks sir..also adding that my current monitor ;
    Display Type LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
    Diagonal Size 16"
    Panel Type TN
    Aspect Ratio Widescreen - 16:9
    Native Resolution 1366 x 768 at 60 Hz

    again would it still be able to work properly with my current monitor?
  3. I agree with Sunius. you may want to look into a quality 500/550w PSU.

    I was going to mention a possible bottleneck with your CPU but at your resolution, it shouldn't cause any noticeable performance decreases (if any).

    ASUS always have great cards

    PSU possibility
  4. oki finally i concluded sirs that ill buy the sapphire 7850 and the cx 600 corsair psu..and also sir will my current mobo and cpu connectors or sockets be compatible to my planned vcard and psu?
  5. Though your mobo only has pci-e 16x, pci-e 2.0 and pci-e 3.0 cards are all backwards compatible.

    Should be a substantial upgrade.

    Just a sidenote: not sure if you have but make sure your case has sufficient space for a modern graphics card and a non generic psu. (you may have checked. just thought i'd add it in)
  6. Straightforward: Don't do it.

    Not-straightforward: The computer is pretty slow as it is, and I wouldnt trust the new card on that power supply.
  7. dont do what sir?
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    As already stated it will work fine with the upgraded power supply but your CPU will seriously hold it back especially at that resolution. Unless you plan on upgrading the CPU I suggest you look at a 6850 not a 7850.
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