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Hello, I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card to the GeForce GTX 670. However, I don't know if my PC can handle this. I don't know what specs you need to know, so just ask and I'll find out, Thanks :)
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  1. Specs would be nice. Main thing is going to be your power supply.
  2. Power supply, motherboard, CPU and case dimensions (size).
  3. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    Model: Predator G5900
    Processor: Intel Core i5 K655 @ 3.20GHz
    Memory: 6144MB RAM

    I don't know what else you need, and also how do I find out my power supply? Sorry, I'm quite new to upgrading PC's :P
  4. Open up your case and check the label on a power supply box. It's the box to which you connect the power cable.

    Could you check your Processor model again? The processor you wrote does not exist.

    Also, I'll need the width of your computer case, just take a ruler and measure it.
  5. The minimum system power requirement for a GTX 670 is a PSU with at least 500W with two 6-pin supplementary power connectors. If your actual power supply is less than 500W, then you have to get a brand new one.

    Your power supply is the thing on the top left where all the cables are coming from.
    You can find all we need to know about you powersupply on its side.There should be a power destribution table like the one on this power supply.

    If your power supply has more than 30A combined power of all 12V rails.Or it may be just one rail like on most power supplies.Than its good enough for a GTX 670.If on the other hand it has less than that... well you better buy a new one.

    I highly recommend this one
    Its priced very well and has all the power you will need now or in the future.
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