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I tried to use PS3 media server to stream videos to my ps3 from my desktop that I just built. I have business class internet from comcast so I know the speed is great and that is not the issue. My ethernet card is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I have a Lynksys E1200 router. I believe it is a wireless N router but functions in all modes. PS3 can connect to the router with 100% signal and has great upload and download speeds.

I can't figure out why I can not stream movies or videos from my Desktop to the ps3 wirelessly. My macbook pro is on the same wireless network and it streams movies fine through PS3 Media Server. From the desktop it takes forever and the movies stutter a lot. Its unwatchable. The same thing happens through Tversity, only on TVersity the movie would not even start. Is it my computer?

Core i5 2500k
Asus asrock gen3 extreme3
1tb hd
8Gb ddr2 1600 ram
msi twin frozr gtx 560Ti OC

Not sure if it is the pc, because I had a really crappy desktop before on the same network and I could stream fine through Tversity on wireless. Only difference was a DLink Wireless N router which also did not do anything here when I tried it before I installed the Lynksys.
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  1. What wireless speeds are each device using (PS3, Macbook, and desktop)? IOW, are they all N, some G some N, all G?

    The reason I'm asking is that whenever a G device is introduced to the N environment, the overall speed of the network will drop to G speeds. It might be the case, for example, the PS3 and the Macbook are using N, so N speeds are maintained. But now you introduce G from the desktop and overall speeds must now drop to G, even for the PS3. And if you running HD (high definition) content, it's esp. difficult to support that over G, there's just not enough bandwidth.

    Basically, you need to be more precise about the specs here of each device, it can make a difference.

    And btw, if it was some other problem w/ the desktop not related to wireless, then using a wired connection wouldn’t help, the problem would persist. You might verify that’s the case by trying a wired connection.
  2. I know the macbook pro, is 2011 so I believe it is an N device. The desktop is wired to the router. The ps3, I think is wireless G? Not sure if it is N or not. Macbook and ps3 are the only wireless devices. The mode on the router is set to mixed. I'm selling the macbook pro soon so I need to figure out how to get it to stream fine from the desktop.
  3. Go get Tversity.

    I use it to stream media from my PC to both my PS3 and Xbox and it works great. Oh, and it's free.
  4. Tversity does not work either. It just gets recognized, and when I click on a file on my ps3, it goes black as if it is going to load it with the spinning circle and it stays like that until I back out or restart the media server.
  5. Could it be a problem with not having the correct codec packs on the PC for that file type.

    If your Macbook pro can stream the exact same file perfectly then i would rule out it being a file type PS3 cannot play.
    So there is surely something off with that PC. Do you have problems playing any type of video file on that PC or just a particular file type?

    Those PC specs should be more than enough to simply play or stream media.
  6. If i play the movie file type on that desktop it plays fine. Audio and video come in fine. I'm not sure what type of codecs I would need. Tversity has always worked on my old pc and I never had to add codecs. Most of the files are avi and they worked fine previously. My new desktop plays avi's fine too. Maybe I should download the div ex codec. It just seems like it won't stream and if it does at least with PS3 Media server, it stutters every 2 minutes. Never had this issue before.
  7. Well, if the PC plays them fine it is not codec packs that are wrong. I must have misread the previous post and thought you said it was a problem even when you played it on the PC itself.

    I am trying to think of anything that would be localized to just that one PC, but is only with the wireless streaming. I'll admit it has me a bit stumped. A bad graphics card would have problems playing on the PC itself, same with Codec's.
    The PC has a wireless signal your laptop has no problem picking up, or streaming through so I would normally rule out the router as well.

    Doesn't really leave much I can think of off the top of my head. And I use Tversity all the time to stream stuff to PS3 and know with your set up you should have no issues as your PC is quite a bit better than what I use. My PC's graphics card is still an Nvidia GeForce 7600GT, with 4GB ram, and an old Core2Duo 2.13 processor LOL.

    Hopefully someone has some idea's.
  8. I'm probabaly guessing it is the PS3 updates that were installed a while back. It is probably an issue with the PS3 streaming the info. Because the uploads and download speeds on my PS3 connection test are pretty fast.
  9. Possible, but i have the same updates and am streaming with Tversity just fine. I did once have a streaming issue because of a Tversity update, but it was not studdering, it was that the picture on the PS3 would be upside down. So i actually had to downgrade the version of Tversity to fix it. It had me baffled why the file would play perfectly with WMP 11 on the PC, but then when i streamed it the picture was upside down. After Googling a while i found others with the same issue and found out it was a certain version of Tversity that caused it.

    Hopefully you can get your issue figured out too.
  10. Did you have to forward any ports?
  11. No, not on my old router or my new one. Most modern routers do not require it. I have not port forwarded for anything since the original Xbox. But it surely wouldn't hurt to try it. At this point i would start knocking out possibilities one by one.
  12. I will try that when I get a chance but I doubt that is the case. Utorrent did not require it either.
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