Problem on battery with ASUS N56 (GT630M)

I have a problem on my brand new N56 during heavy games on battery.
I have set all the power management functions to have the maximum performances in battery.
Despite this, when I play a demanding game (e.g. Slyrim) and I un-plug the power cord, I experience the following behavior:
1) the game has, with a frequency of 1-2 seconds, slow-downs to un-playable fps alternated to moments (also of 1-2 seconds) of perfect fluidity.
2) from outside, I used nVidiaInspector to have some figures of what happens and I have that, when I am on AC power, The GPU load goes to 99%, the clock raises by effect of GPU boost, the voltage also goes up. When I detach the power cord, the GPU remains to 99%, the GPU clock and voltage go up to a maximum (clock to ~700MHz, voltage to ~1066mv) at which they suddenly drop to the minimum of ~165MHz the clock and ~870mv the voltage. Immediately after they start raising again to fall again when they reach the values said above.

According my understanding this seems a problem linked to the power consumprion of the nvidia card and the fact that the battery does not manage to provide the requested power.

In fact, I tried disabling the GPU boost and the problem is no more present.

My question is: is it normal for these new classes of notebook or I should return he notebook to my seller?

Thanks for a quick answer - the DOA period ends tomorrow...

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  1. yes should immediately send it back to the dealer
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