Low power gfx card for old htpc?

Hi guys,

A family member recently gave me an old broken pc, after fixing it I set it up as a htpc (running XBMC) for my living room and it's great for what I need it for, but I was wondering if I would be able to upgrade the gfx card just to make things run a little smoother.

The computer is a HP Pavilion Media Center s7620.uk (upgraded to win7)

Unfortunately the spec sheet has no mention of the PSU, and PSUs/voltages/watts/amps all tends to go over my head so I'm unsure where to start.

Basically the graphics card will need to:
-Be small enough to fit in the case (which is of a non-standard size, smaller than microATX but larger than miniITX)
-Be powered though the PCI slot
-Consume a small amount of power
-Perform better than the current card (GeForce 7500 LE)
-Support audio through HDMI

I saw a previous post like this that was posted some time ago but the original poster never mentioned if his upgrade worked for him.

I was thinking about getting either a GeForce 620/630 or Radeon 6570.

Would any of these be compatible, or are there better cards available that would work on my system?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. They should be compatible. HD 6570 would be a perfect fit ;).
  2. Thats great thanks sunius!
  3. Glad I helped ;).
  4. A step further ^ The fanless low profile should be just what you need. Get it too crowded in the case and you start dealing with air circulation issues.
  5. All great advice thanks guys
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