HD 7970 or GTX 670 or GTX 680?

Hi everyone ! :D

So im going to order my upgrade in more 2 weeks or even less , and i need your help :)

What I should get ? the HD 7970 (XFX with dual cooling edition , Sapphire Dual X cooling edition , Gigabyte windforce x3) , or I should get the GTX 670 (EVGA Signature edition , EVGA FTW edition , Gigabyte windforce x3) , or maybe the GTX 680 (EVGA Signature 2 , EVGA Superclocked edition , Gigabyte Windforce x3)

The 7970 and the 670 cost the same , something like 400~450 dollars , and the GTX 680 cost 520 dollars .

Also , another 2 questions :)

Which PSU I need ? I think on buying the 850W Corsair TX .
And my CPU will do bottleneck ? I have the AMD PHENOM 840 X4 3.2GHZ , And maybe I will OC it to something like 3.8 .

BTW , I will play on 1920*1080P Resulution . :)

Thanks everyone :D
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  1. Your CPU will be close on the bottlenecking side.

    Good power supply, no worries there.

    As for the gpu, the 670 is the best value, the 680 is the fastest; and the crutch of the 7970 are the drivers. Catalyst 12.7 is terrific, but AMD worries me because previous drivers weren't that great.

    What games do you play? Some favour amd, some favour nvidia.
  2. Hey mate , thanks for the fast answer :) Im going to play some games like Battlefield 3 , Metro 2033 (and of course the new one :D ) , Assassins creed 3 and all the other awesome games :D

    And yeah I think about getting the 670 too , but I dont think that he is good as the 680 .

    And for the bottlenecking , what are you mean ? the FPS will not be higer then 45 FPS ?
  3. BigMack70 said:
    Your CPU is a Phenom 1 right?

    You would get more fps from any of those cards (in most games) with a better CPU. That's what he means - it's not necessarily quantifiable like "you won't get more than 45fps"... it just means that your FPS will be lower than it would be if you had a better CPU. Don't expect to see the numbers that benchmarks show the cards getting.

    IMO all those cards are overkill for your CPU unless you plan on upgrading it. I'd say get a 7850/7870 or a GTX 660 in a month when that comes out. You most likely won't see much of an advantage from getting a $400+ GPU on that old CPU. Put the $100-200 you save towards getting a new CPU/mobo

    Hey dude thanks for the answer :)
    And my CPU is Phenom II :) So thats good ? xD

    And I want to get one of those "overkill" cards , beacuse maybe in the next 2~3 month I will get much better CPU and MOBO :)
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Ahhhhhhhh OK. On a Phenom 2, go ahead and get whatever you want... might still get some bottlenecking but it won't be so bad that I'd say "don't purchase".

    I thought you had a Phenom 1, which is a much much worse CPU.

    I'd say get a GTX 670 if you don't really want to overclock, or get the 7970 if you are looking to OC your card a lot. Also, if you play a lot of BF3, the GTX 670 is the better card, as the 7970 is kinda weak in BF3 comparatively.

    GTX 680 is a bragging rights card and not much else compared to the 670... many of the custom 670s will out-perform it.

    Hehe okay :D I will go on the 670 , and maybe later I will get the 3570K :kaola: I really dont have enough money right now and I getting tired from my PS3 (going to sell it ^^) .

    And dude , little more question , the FX 6100 will bottleneck with 670 ?
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  6. Ohh , you right mate , thanks for all :D you really helped me ! :)
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