Win 7 64 asks for Cd/DVD drivers

I have a full Win 7 Pro 64 and 32 bit licence. I dowloaded the Iso files and burned it with Nero, the 32 bit installs ok but I did not register it. I tried the 64 bit, it installs, i get a window where it tells the Country, language and so on, I then click ok and then I get a window which states
INSTALL WINDOWS, I press ok and then I get another window which states
Select the drivers to be installed.

Now which drivers is it asking for. I can't go beyond here. Is there something that I can do or what. tia
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  1. Hi, check in the device manager if exist some device with a yellow or red globe, if the answer is yes, the driver that Windows is asking is for that device.
  2. I found the answer, the Win 7 64 bit was corrupted. I emailed the guy who sold me the license and he told me that the file was not good. but now it was good. Downloaded, burned the dvd and its installing now. Conclusion, I wast plenty of time and frustration and cost me a SATA DVD burner. (cause I thought it was the DVD at fault.)
  3. Ok, something new that I learn today. Don't forget solve the thread.
  4. what do you mean "Don't forget solve the thread". tia
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    When you get your answer, you need select a best answer to close the thread. In your case, yourself find the answer, so, you can write to a moderator asking that close the thread.
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