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Hi everyone,

I'm on a budget, I can't play the games I like, and I've been looking to upgrade to a graphics card from integrated graphics. I think I've found a card I like: but I have no idea what kind of power I need. I just can't find it. Feel free to let me know if you think I'm making a mistake on the card, by the way.

My question is: How do I determine whether or not my computer's power supply can handle a certain graphics card? I jotted down some notes I saw pasted inside my computer about DC output and AV input, but I have no idea what to make of them. I have a Gateway SX2840-01.
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  1. this card would run even on a 250w psu
    youll be fine no need to upgrade your psu
    dont worry :)
    edit- your comp has a 220w psu so it should work flawlessly
  2. @panwala Just for future reference, how did you determine that so quickly, and without knowing my PSU's output?

    Thank you!

    @BigMack It lists a lot of things on the inside, right on top of the cage that contains my power source. I tried taking a picture but my camera can't focus on it. I can look again and give more details, I think I took notes on the wrong stuff.

  3. if you type on google
    Gateway SX2840-01 power supply you will find out
  4. Apparently I have a 220W PSU. Also, I really need a GFX card that is about half-height, since my tower is so compact. Honestly, any upgrade is probably going to be an improvement over my integrated graphics, right?

    EDIT: Seems we're all replying at the same time. Glad to get so much help. Well, to be honest changing my power supply is going to cost a lot more than $50 because I don't know how to change it myself. Everything past the plug is caged on the inside of my tower. I have no idea how to take it out.
    I ONCE RAN A GEFORCE 210 WITH MY PRESENT CONFIG ( SEE SIGNATURE ) on an iball 250 w psu and it worked flawlessly
    he has a dual core so he should be fine
  6. Quote:
    A GT210.......
    No games for you my friend!

    sir i was just giving an example !
  7. Thanks again. If there is a little debate on what wattage I would actually need, is there a way to calculate for sure how much "extra" wattage I have to spare for a dedicated GFX card?

    Thanks for all the help. I'd love to know if BigMack's suggestion for a card would actually fit in my tower. The PCI slot itself is only 1cmx6cm.
  8. OK, so I'm getting close here.

    I've been comparing these cards. I'm not sure what will fit, but I think power supply is gonna be the biggest issue.


    Nevermind! Needs a lot of power. Thanks for all your help everyone! I'm going with the GT 520.
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