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Hello guys, I have this problem where the Cpu fan (Cooler Master Hyper 212 +) spins up when it reaches over 36 degrees Celsius. I have Dell 0GD8Y Motherboard and tried to configure with the fan settings, but there is no setting on my Bios for fans. The Cpu fan slot on my Mobo is 4 pinned. I received this problem when I switched to a new case (Zalman Z11). I've also heard about hidden bios menus but I'm not sure that Dell has the same feature. Oh by the way, I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10 GHz. Please help quickly as this problem is very annoying when I try to game. The sound coming from the Hyper 212+ is quite audible as of now.
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  1. Likely the Dell BIOS is designed to work with a certain type of fan and the aftermarket one uses more power or something and cannot be controlled properly by the BIOS, there are third party software that can help this such as SpeedFan but I have only had limited success with proprietary hardware, but its free so worth a shot.
  2. I think I've tried using a third party program such as Speedfan but had no luck. On Speedfan my fans would not pick up. Only my graphic card's fan and the one in front of my case is detected. This problem occurred when I switched to the Zalman Z11. Back when I switched I still had the cpu cooler that came with the Dell Inspiron 660. I have all but one of my case fans connected to molex directly from my power source. Could the other fans cause any problems?
  3. Any fan not connected to the motherboard will run at full speed all the time and will have no impact on the others. Some motherboards will regulate fan speed based on temperature, a malfunction in this system may be at fault but I know of no good fix.
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