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AMD A6-5400K

Hello, This APU has built in HD 7540D graphx.
What is that equivalent to in AMD Radeon HD graphx?
Does anyone know if this is better than the radeon x1950xtx?
I know thats a old one.
I am building another windows xp media center edition 2005 pc for my old games. The best dual core processor they had at tigerdirect was this APU.
And I cant pair it with a HD 6570 because its xp.
And I had to get 4 gigs total (4 1gb sticks) of crucial ddr3. (XP)
I want to play games at the most need for speed most waned underground and underground 2 all of the colin mcraes rallisport challenge to name a few.
I think it should work out pretty good but I dont know? I mean because I don't know what a
HD 7540D is equal to by itself. And I have wanted to know for years where the x1950xtx stood in with the HD's (6570 and abov)

I would appreciate any help or advice you could give me.

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  1. Are you sure you absolutely need windows xp? Im sure most programs could be ran in windows 7 with compatibility mode and work fine, then you shouldn't have to worry about that stuff
  2. Best answer,3107-7.html
    the radeon x1950xtx better than HD 7540D
    HD 6570 better than x1950xtx
  3. zycuda: I have games that will run under xp even though they say recomended os 95/98/ME/2000.
    When I try to run as administrator and put the compatibility mode in above on windows 7 home premium (hp)
    it is all yellow and pink psychadelic.


    You answered all of my questions. Thank you. You provided a link to a page I would never find.
    Plus I found on another board a link to a page on AMD that was helpful also,
    So question answered. Thanks for all your help! :D
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