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I just finished my first build and I have a question. I want to run my OS and a few programs that I use a lot on my SSD, and have all my other programs install and run from my other 1 TB hard drive. How do I set the defaults so that programs install to my HDD not my SSD? I searched this online and found this:

which I did but I changed the Program Files (x86) also, which was probably stupid, and suddenly anything I tried to open said it couldn't find it on C: (my SSD) and I had to do a Windows restore to get it back.

Without changing the default, wouldn't programs just install to the primary C drive and fill up my 128 gb SSD really fast? I feel like there's an easy answer to this but I have no idea what it is and I can't find it. Thanks in advance!
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    There's no fixed way to do this.
    Typically this is determined by the program you're installing.
    If it supports install on another drive/partition, it'll give you the option of selecting the install directory during installation.
    Most programs that need large amount of space usually have this option.
    But then again, the primary reason you want to put them on SSD is because they're big programs and benefit hugely from the speed boost.
    I think your SSD should have sufficient space.
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