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hi, i started getting usb not recognised messages(pops up every few minutes), so i pluged every usb connection out externaly and internaly, and it still pops up i tracked the problem to bluetooth device cause it disapeared, tryed to uninstal/update driver but still the same, i'm using asus p8p67pro mother board, bluetooth is in the back besides usb sockets but i cant pull it out i think its built in, how can i solve the problem?
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  1. i downloaded new bt software and drivers from asus site, instaled it, restarted computer, unkown usb disapiered of device manager for a good while than started to pop up again, if i go to bt suite i get mesage: ''the bluetooth module in use is not compatible with asus bt go''
    and that's with all good in device manager section,
    also it started to apear about the same time as i instaled in wifi car, would that have anything to do with it?
    can all this be fixed, its gettin very enoying?
  2. I had the exact same problem, and managed to solve it. I know this is kicking up an old thread, but maybe someone will come across it while searching for this problem. The solution is quite easy.

    In device manager, under the USB Controllers, look for the Qualcomm Valkyre Bootrom and select Properties. Select Update driver and choose: Let me choose a driver. There you'll find 2 drivers already installed. One named Qualcomm Atheros Valkyre Bootrom and one named Atheros Valkyre Bootrom (without the Qualcomm brandname). Choose the one without Qualcomm in front of it, and that's it. EVerything is working as it should now.
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