$400 family oriented budget build

this is a budget minded future proof system with a focus on speed for just over $400


asrock micro atx mobo

gskill ddr3 ram 8gb matched

rowewill micro atx case w/ psu

sandisk extreme ssd 120gb


parts i already have include:
radeon 6670
an old sata hdd for data drive
peripherals including mouse, keyboard, monitor

i am confident in every part selected except the rosewill case + psu combo. psus in combos tend to fail and generally are not very reliable so i am not sure if i want to add a bit onto the budget to get this:

fractal case


the family computer in use right now is an old dell c2d e6600 with 6gb ddr2, its a piece of crap and i hate it

uses for this computer are: light gaming, CAD, internet surfing, multimedia
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  1. I would toss in a msi g45 msi mb. three year warranty and sli or crossfire mb. the 500-600 watt cosair power supplys are 40.00 with mail in rebate. I would also look into a mid case (antec one or a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147153

    or a 40.00 mid size gaming case with 2 fans..in a push/pull. for ssd look for when the vertex..intel or 830 line on sale. not only is ssd firmware one part of the qa of a ssd it the ram they use and the qa testing. drives like intel or samsug might be a few dollars more but they work right out of the box. the ontly thing i add is toss in 20.00 for a good 212 or other after market cooler. the stock intel ones with the plastic legs..suck when installing them. the easy and best cpu coolers are ones with back plate and metal screws.
    micro cases look nice but have sucky airflow. your better off with a mid size case. the other issue with small cases is gpu card max lenth. short cases your stuck with short cards.most new cards are around 10 inches in lenth.
  2. you are thinking in more of a gaming tower point of veiw. this isnt a gamer and it has a spot it has to fit into were a midtower just wont fit. this wont be an sli gaming rig, so i dont want a mid tower, an atx mobo, or a 500w+ psu, they just are not necessary for this kind of build

    as for choosing the sandisk, it beats a best offerings from intel and samsung for less, the only ssd that performs higher than a sandisk extreme is, of course, a plextor as there are best on the market right now.

    both cases have more than enough space for full length gpus, this as already considered
  3. i think i will go with the core 1000, it has better cooling. the heat sink is covered, i am getting one out of another build
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