Dual monitor display problem - I need your help!

Hello all!,

Basically I have a simple set up, 1 HD monitor and 1 HD TV. I only use the tv now and again as a second display.

HD monitor is connected via a VGA and the TV an HDMI.

Today I was on my computer, everything fine.

Plugged in HDMI for dual display and monitor went blank and has not turned on since!

Went into my CCC settings and it shows that both displays are connected but the monitor is just blank. The buttons are unresponsive, its like it just died!

I've restarted multiple times, made sure the cables are in place, unplugged cables, swapped them and nothing works. Only the TV has a display now. tried reverting back to a single display but nada!

Does anyone have any thoughts about what might have happened?

Thank you in advance for your help
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  1. Does it power on? Most monitors have a little light when they are turned on. Does that light come on? Because if it doesn't turn on at all then it's probably dead I would guess.
  2. Hi danawesome89,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Thats what I thought as there is no light now, however it is still detected in the display settings on windows 7 and in my CCC!

    Thats why I'm baffled. It's detected, but there's no display.

    I thought it might be the graphics card, however the HD TV still works when I use the HDMI port of the graphics card (external).

    I tried plugging them into the on board cards, and neither the monitor or the tv works!

    Does this mean my internal card is fried?

    Any help is again much appreciated.
  3. I just unplugged the power cord on my second monitor, and it is still detected in CCC and Windows 7, but obviously will not work. You could try this as well to see if that is the case for you: unplug your monitor's power and I bet it will still be detected in CCC and Windows 7.

    All the evidence seems to point to your monitor being the problem. It seems to me like it is not getting power. Before trashing the monitor, I would recommend double checking that the power cord is firmly plugged in, both to the power outlet, and to the monitor itself (I had a friend with a similar problem who didn't realize that the power cord also plugged in to the back of the monitor, and it had jiggled loose over time). If that does not help, then I would try a different power outlet.

    If the monitor's power light does not come on after that, then probably get a new monitor unless you want to try to have it repaired or something. I don't really know anything about fixing monitors (is it still under warranty or anything?).

    You could also test out another monitor if you could borrow one or something to make sure the VGA out works on your card, but it really sounds like the monitor is the problem.
  4. hi... my thosiba lap can be some problem. i don't know that problem.the display some time's three (3) par for 1st part and 2nd part and 3 part in horizondal order .the 1st part go to last and the last part come to 1st part and the center port fixed into normally .the 1st and last parts are changed please tell the problem....
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