Is processor bottlenecking?

Hi friends...After so many perils I finally managed to buy the HIS HD 6850 Excalibur 1GB.

Now I played Metro 2033 and i am getting low fps like 52-53 in areas having large quantity of soft particles and sun shafts...elsewhere it is ranging from 60-75
The game settings is Dx 11 High--No MSAA
Resolution is 1600 x 900(LED)

My question is --Is my cpu bottlenecking?

E7300 oc to 3.33GHz
G41Mt s2 Mobo

Catalyst 12.1
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  1. When your playing check your CPU usage, if it's close to 100% and your GPU is only at like 75%, then you have a bottle neck. Judging from your FPS from Metro 2033 it doesn't sound like it is.
  2. BFBC2 is ranging from 40-45 average to 50-55 in forest areas....And 30 was lowest when bombs or explosion happens just in front of me. Arkham city was steady 55-60+ on extreme FXAA high...So should i try BF3 for cpu bottleneck or skyrim?
  3. Quote:
    I will answer your theory to BFBC2 right here:

    Hmm..Then CPU is a huge bottleneck..however unless I drop below 30+ on average fps I am relatively fine I think :ange:
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