Which one should I buy?

Currently, I'm building a PC and I can get a Phenom II X6 1090T for 112 or a FX 6300 for 140.
I'm mainly going to be surfing the web and playing games like far cry 3 and black ops 2. What do you guys suggest?
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  1. The FX6300.
  2. I disagree with rolli, go for the phenom, the single core performance is ~30% higher than the 6300 despite the older architecture. I'm not sure where you are going to find the phenom but if you have a source, go ahead and buy it.
  3. +1 ^ phenom is better than fx 6300.fx 6300 has poor single threaded performance compared to phenom x6.
  4. Where the heck can you buy a 1090T? anyway go for that, if just for the rarity haha.
  5. Thanks for the input, guys. I decided to go with the Phenom
  6. Yeah i just checked the 1090t just went out of stock so phenom ii x6 1045t or fx 6300
  7. Since the 1090 is out of stock go with the 6300, you can overclock the 6300 so you'll end up getting much better performance. I wish AMD would step up it's game and have processors that can beat ones from 3 years ago :\
  8. Ok I will but what is your opinion on the 1045T?
  9. STOP do not buy a phenom x6

    First the amd fx 6300 IS the newer piledriver core cpi not the older bullerdozer cpu the newer 6300 is just as fast or may be a little faster that a 1090t plus the 6300 is 32nm cpu which means it WILL run alot cooler also has more l2 and l3 cache has faster ram suppport and a better memory controller and more power efficient. Hope you look at this before u buy if you have any doubts just google piledriver vs phenom x6 for benchmarks
  10. Amd 6300 is a great chip i own one overclocked to 4.5ghz. It just smashes games. Dont buy a phenom its a old cpu. the fx 6300 for gaming is better

    Look at the bottom gaming benchmarks the 6300 is faster.

  11. Thanks guys I've switched to back the fx 6300
  12. Yeah I just finished placing my order and its coming in 5 to 8 business days
  13. Nice choice man! Its a great cpu esspically for the price you gonna overclock it too?
  14. You made the right choice but the 1090t still would've been better. For those that were saying it's less efficient, that's false, they both have the same thermal ceiling, and they both use 32nm transistors. The phenom II x6 1090t would still be slightly better, but since those have long since disappeared, you made the right choice.
  15. I don't get it

    Isn't the Bulldozer series meant to faster than the Phenom series? Even though it was pretty bad.

    And isn't the Piledriver series meant to be better than the Bulldozer series?

    So how is the Phenom better than the Piledriver?
  16. Its not. in gaming piledriver is faster
  17. @stantheman123 yeah Im going to overclock a lot. I need a good aftermarket fan/heatsink though. Anybody got recommendations? And @kajunchicken I would have liked to get the 1090t too but it went out of stock and isnt going to be restocked in a while :/
  18. Get the asus. I got the 990fx asus. I just hit over 5ghz stable on it haha
  19. I will but does anyone have a good fan/heatsink that they can recommend for the am3+ mobos
  20. Hyper 212 Plus/Evo
  21. ^ +1, or you can get a water block and try to really overclock it :)
  22. One more question, HIS Radeon HD 7850 or Nvidia 650 TI?
  23. Easily the 7850. Just double check that your power supply is big enough.
  24. Is 500 watts enough for a HIS Radeon HD 7850 and a FX 6300?
  25. I meant 620 watts sorry
  26. Yea u got the hyper evo 212+ Temps are great even what at 4.5ghz.

    Also 620w is easily enough. however which brand powersupply is it?
    make sure its a good brand one like corsair,xfx,seasonic,antec, etc
  27. antec and 80 plus bronze
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