Video Card 2 or 3 GB?

Hello all, I've got a quick question.

Would you rather have this card at 2 GBs, vs say some of the newer 3gbs such as: ?
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  1. If you are gaming at 1920x1080, then 2GB will be more than enough. If you are gaming above that resolution, then 3GB will be good. I myself have the EVGA GTX 670 and it's a really nice card. I can play BF3 at ultra well above 60+ FPS.
  2. Everything and anything to be honest. When our internet improves, I'm going back to online shooters. So things like BF3 and whatnot.

    Also, I'm leaning toward the 3gb one, as that supports a resolution of 4k. Though I would probably be blinded by the massive amounts of graphics at 4k. That's just insane.

    I was looking at these benchmarks, when I started to peak at the GeForce card. It also seems to have a ton of reviews, and that's the stuff I look at.
  3. Also, I'm running an intel set-up. Would it hinder anything if I ran with crossfire? I heard that crossfire is AMD or the like. I know a bit about computers, but when it comes to details I'm rather new.
  4. I agree with the 7970 as the better option... slightly higher price for slightly more performance + better overclocking headroom.

    However, the 670 will probably perform better in BF3, so if that's the main game you want to play, get the 670.

    It doesn't affect anything that you have an Intel CPU... Crossfire works on any motherboard (either AMD or Intel) that supports it (and most do).
  5. The 7970 is starting to prove itself as the better option. It's price is starting to come down to the about the range the GTX 670 is in, and with the latest drivers it's trading blows with a GTX 680. Plus it has more VRAM, larger bandwidth and more overclocking headroom. And, correct me if I'm wrong, has slightly better thermals and power consumption then nVidia's cards.
  6. ^^ Surprisingly it's Nvidia with the better power consumption this round. (I think thermals are similar)
  7. Either card is good, it depends if you care about PhysX or not, both are good cards. Also, if you play and record videos in game in BF3, don't play crappy British music okay. It made my ear drums explode in agony, lol.

    The GTX 670 uses less power than even a GTX 560 Ti, pretty amazing, that's another positive over the HD 7970.
  8. Really, the nVidia has better power consumption? I think my world just fell apart a little.

    None the less, the HD 7970 still is very efficient, out performs the GTX 670 and even occasionally the GTX 680, has better overclocking head room and is priced very competitively. The GTX 670, or even GTX 680 have very little other then PhysX to compete with the HD 7970.
  9. Tell this guy that the HD 7970 OC's better than the GTX 680, lol
  10. Hey, you are always thumping your chest about OC, so why not? It's still a legit form of OC ;)

    Also, the EVGA GTX 680 Classified OC's like a beast with no mods and watercooling is used., quote from the kingpin himself.

    Page 11

    k|ngp|n Said:
    "If you want to overclock and benchmark 680 CLASSIFIED OC's like a beast and requires NO mods, only EVBOT and its coming soon ."
  11. I smell something funny. *sniff* *sniff* Ahh, fanboy, that's what it is.
  12. I was referring to El Tigre trying to justify GTX 680's.
  13. Fair enough. I apologize El Tigre, and retract my statement.
  14. No worries, I am far from a blind fanboy, I have recommended AMD GPU's when the price is right. Since Nvidia could release a driver update to make an impact like AMD did could bring the GTX 670 on top. This is of course speculation. No hard feelings guys ;)
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