Help blue screen and computer shutting down?

I bought a gtx 650 ti for gaming but is not working as well as i expected, the thing is that my computer restarts/reboot when i play a game, also it doesn't play the games as well as it supposed to be. I pretty much did everything needed for the installation uninstall previous video card drivers, but also its and integrated or onboard graphic cards. It also can be my cpu as it is not very new, and when i opened my case it was kindadusty. Anyways here are my computer specs
Windows 7 32 bits
Athlon IIX2-3.0GHz
Motherboard:MS 7549 (785GTM-E45)
Ram 2GB Drr2
Gpu Gtx 650 ti
Power supply 400 w
Also I cleaned my pc the inside of it, and installed speed fan but I don't know what are temp 1 and temp 2 for
before i cleaned my pc temp1 was 70c now its 40 and temp 2 was 125 and its still the same. And when I'm playing a game the computer shuts down and a blue screen come on saying irql_not_less_or_equal.
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  1. Your symptoms point to your PSU being too weak. It's common that when there is not enough power supplied to GPU and CPU the pc will restart.

    Check this by running Furmark with extreme burn-in selected. To generate even more load run prime95 or some other CPU stress tool simultaneously with Furmark.

    Verify you temps with CoreTemp for CPU and Afterburner for GPU.
  2. well if i disconect o uninstall my dvd player and my the floppy disk would the computer or the power supply will give more power to the gpu and cpu
  3. No, they don't use any power when are not reading/writing to/from any media, and even when they are working, they consume very little energy.

    Have you verified the temps? What is your PSU model?
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