Getting my first graphics card!

Good day!

I've been using integrated for far too long, struggling with basic gaming so today I've made the jump forward and am looking into buying a graphics card. Now, I'm pretty novice to this as it is my first time doing it so I appreciate any contributions. Let me begin by stating the following:

I'm on a very limited budget, I don't have number specifics but generally I'd like to keep the price tag as low as possible, but not so low that it sacrifices what I want to do, which is gaming, I'm hoping to play games such as arma2, league of legends, and minecraft (General FPS shooters, like BF3 and so on perhaps as well).

I'll be buying within the coming months (I'm buying many new components on top of a graphics card), right now for other components once I've upgraded those my specs will be:

Pentium E5700 dualcore 3ghz CPU
P5G41T-M LX motherboard (dundundun)
300W PSU, though I have my eyes on a 450W one if required

I'm not too fussed about the producer, if it plays the games fine it's great.

I'm currently on an INTEGRATED CHIPSET. My screen resolution is 1024 X 768 if anymore information is required please say so, this is all that springs to mind right now. All contributions and appreciated, thanks guys!
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  1. An AMD HD 7750 will work with your current setup.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    I was looking around there, would this be an MSI HD6670 AMD / ATI Graphics Card - 2GB be a better choice, or?
  3. Also, the 7750 runs on very little power.
  4. Yep, 7750 is great for low power configurations or people who don't use the highest resolution to game, or have the urge to turn every setting to the absolute max to enjoy a game.

    If you get a 450W power supply down the line, the 7770 may also be a good card for you. For reference, your 300 watt PSU will probably run the 7770, but the load will be high on the PSU. With a 450W, you'll be running at less than half the rated max of the power supply, and thence get good efficiency.
  5. Would it be wise to use the 7750 with a 300W PSU?
  6. tom5001 said:
    Would it be wise to use the 7750 with a 300W PSU?

    it will be fine ?
  7. Okay, thanks for everything guys :)

    I really appreciate it.
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