The old GTX 670 vs HD 7970 debate, Such a painfull decision!

I know I'm the first person to ask this, but ITS SO HARD TO DECIDE!

I'm stuck between a GTX 670 FTW and the HD 7970, the price difference is something like 30$

I want reliability before all, idk about BF3. I heard about overheating and instability problems of the 7970 but also about the new drivers that will fix it. I do want to run 3 monitors and Ive heard the AMD is slightly better at it. At he same time I'm hearing NVidia is the winner for reliability and this is my top priority.

I'm in a loop please give me your valuable expert opinions?
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  1. Overclock or not? At this time it seems the 7970 with its drivers seemingly fixed and the ability to overclock better than the 670, and the ability to trade blows with the 680 (the way it was intended) and the fact that it is cheaper than a 680, makes it the better option right now of the two, the 670 i believe uses less power, but either card will do well for bf3, so really it comes down to the deal and your power supply
  2. I might OC if my temperature permits it, another plus for the 7970
  3. Whats your power supply?
  4. ballinb0ss said:
    Whats your power supply?

    OCZ Z-SERIES 1000W 80+ Gold
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  6. wrong answer....

    and besides you need to buy them both and then the one you don't want send to me for testings....
    I'll send it back.
  7. the only win is that I get the second GPU..
  8. I have and love the 670 FTW but running more than 1 or 2 monitors at higher res the win goes to the 7970. I hate saying it, but its fact.
  9. and that's fine...... I have no problem with that.
    and when he buys both..! :whistle:
    it means I'll be getting the GTX 670 to play with...
    remember, I'm gonna send it back.. :heink: :sol:
  10. 7970 no question
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