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External Graphics Card

Can anyone recommend a good-excellent external graphics card for my Dell Inspiron N4110 that uses a Usb port/slot? I'm willing to spend $100-200 on it.
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  1. Good external solutions do not exist.
  2. external docking bays for laptops cost over 200 i believe just for the bay alone, the card will add up ontop of that. expect to pay at least 500$ for a moderate one if you went that route.

    theres a DIY guide on having a cheaper one, but it isnt prebuilt and you will have to work on it yourself.
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    You didn't say WHY you want it.

    If it is for GAMING then forget it, we're not there yet. Thunderbolt is probably the first step in making that possible though.

    If it's to add another monitor for basic tasks then options exist like this (note this one is for USB3):

    The reason external gaming devices don't exist yet is because that requires that the laptop have a high-speed connection between the graphics and CPU. In a normal computer that's the PCIe bus. There's simply not enough bandwidth if you go through USB.
  4. UPDATE:
    I noticed your laptop has an HDMI output. That's what you use.

    Since you know that, I can only assume you want an external graphics card to enhance GAMING.

    Again, such a device does not yet exist. Nor will it ever for your laptop. That functionality has to be designed into the laptop (i.e. Thunderbolt).
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