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Hello, My question is this...(this may have been answered and i just cant find it or i'm not wording it right) i have this motherboard a Dell Inc. 0GDG8Y (CPU 1) and this graphics card DELL ST2321L (1920x1080@60Hz)
Intel(R) HD Graphics ***according to speccy*** and i would like to upgrade my video graphics so i can play games on my computer not just on a high setting but newer games like Diablo 3 so i won't look like its skipping ever second. If someone can please help it would be much appreciated.
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  1. please im looking for help here any suggestions?
  2. so are you looking to ask what graphics card can you put in your pc to upgrade it? If so can you give us the model number of your pc? and look at your psu and tell us how many watts it is.
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    If you have lower than a 350W PSU, I would suggest the HD 7750 as that uses little power and you will be able to play Diablo III on medium to high settings.
  4. ok @drums101 what model # am i looking for?
    and El Tigre the PSU thats in now is the one the comp came with i have another ones that i believe is a 350W i just have to get it back from my buddy and which HD 7750 brand im looking on newegg to buy one
  5. if your psu is 350watts the 7750 is def the way to would be looking for the model number of the pc itself like the dell model number
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