Crackling noise with every speaker I connect to computer


I've looked to answers for my questions on here and they don't quite relate to my situation. I have a laptop that has an internal sound card. Using just the laptop, I have crackling noise on the speakers. Then when I connect my HT system through my USB external sound card, I get the same crackling noises.

Is there anyone that can tell me what might be the issue? The only significant event with the PC recently was I used a charger that wasn't mine for a little bit. It had no sound issues after that and it has been over 2 weeks since I did that. Other than that, no major software installs or anything.
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  1. Is your laptop really old? Some of the internal components could have died or are aged(or possibly injured from drops)
  2. No, it is pretty knew. I looked through the problem for weeks and it was a problem within a game. Odd thing is it was happening with any sound from the computer such as youtube videos and songs as well. I changed an option in the game and it fixed the issue for the most part. Thanks for the answer though.
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