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Received GTX 580 from RMA and monitor still displays green dots

A little while ago my computer started displaying green dots on my monitor screen. This happened right after I pulled my GPU out to blow dust out with a can of air. Well, based on what I read on the internet, the best thing to do was to simply RMA it, so I did. I just received my GPU from EVGA and my computer still has the same effect. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas because I'm rather lost at this point. Should I try sending it in again?
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  1. Ever heard of burnt out pixels? May be the monitor.
  2. Use a different card and if the same pixels are there then its the monitor.
  3. Alright, I'll check.
  4. Well, I finally managed to get a friend to come over to let me test my PC with his monitor and it worked. As a last chance effort, I plugged the PC back into my original monitor and there no longer appears to be anything wrong with it :??: . Does anyone happen to have any idea what fixed it? Did plugging the PC into another monitor possibly reset the image? I also pulled the GPU out and put it back in and then blew out the DVI ports with a can of air (which I've done a couple of times beforehand with no luck).

    Should I still be worried?
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    Seems like it was a bad connection. Blowing the DVI ports clean may have fixed it, or it could be the cable going bad. Plugging, unpluggin and moving the cable around could have temporarily fixed the issue. Try jiggling the cable to see if it reappears, if so try a different DVI cord.
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