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Ok so my dad has a older laptop ( a toshiba satellite a215) I just got finished formatting the hhd and cleaning the heat sink. After i finished formatting I got rid of all of the unneeded Toshiba crap but it is still slow. I fugured out the problem is I have a bad stick of ram and after the on board graphics takes its part of the ram it is left with like 400mb of ram. Now the pc has two 512 sticks in it but one stick is broken. So my first question is how much ram should I buy? Would 2 gb be good or should I go with 3 or 4g? We do not want to spend to much because we both have newer laptops we just want this for a backup. Another question I have is can I put a mobile phenom 2 processor in it in place of the Turion 64x2 tl58? I found this used phenom 2 on ebay fairly cheap I just need to know if it is compatible with my pc and would it boost the performance ? Both chips have Socket S1g1s I am not sure if it is compatible I could really use some advice. The other option a faster newer Turion 64 X2 TL-64 2200 MHz 2 x 512 KB 800 MHz 11x 1.075/1.10/1.125 V 35 W Socket S1g1 May 7, 2007 TMDTL64HAX5DM.. The curent cpu installed is the Turion 64x2-tl58 1.9Ghz ant it is also s1g1 socket. I also found this chip for very cheap on ebay like 20 bucks. So is it worth the extra 25 or 30 dollars to upgrade the cpu a and should I go with 2 3 or 4 gb of ram? I do not want to spend alot of cash i think 60 is my limit since this is only a spare. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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  1. Max memory supported by the laptop is 4GB (2x2GB sticks). I recommending doing exactly that, maxing out the memory. No laptop should be running on less than 2GB of RAM. That is just wrong!

    Skip the CPU upgrade for now. IMO, upgrading a laptop CPU really isn't worth it. For one, its a pain to do. Second, there is no guarantee that it will work. Three, you have to follow a long list of steps to do so.
  2. Agree with above on memory and CPU. IF you have a 32-bit copy of windows then you are only going to 3.4GB so you can stop at 3GB if there is a cost difference between 3 and 4, or just slap in a 2gb to get 2.5GB.

    Different things speed up laptops. Games its the graphics, no way to upgrade. Transcoding, rendering, etc. its the CPU, agree with above makes no sense to upgrade.

    BUT you can substantially improve boot time, load time, general feel by upgrading the disk drive with an SSD. A 128 GB SSD is under $100 now and will make a difference. If you don't have windows 7 -or- your bios does not have an AHCI mode for your SATA ports then you will not be able to use TRIM and should skip sandforce based SSDs and go for an SSD based on a marvel controller. Something with background garbage collection. Say $93 SAMSUNG 830 Series MZ-7PC128B/WW 2.5" 128GB here
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