GTX560 - always in 3D mode (desktop idle - non-stop 850MHz gpu!)


I have a weird - in my opinion - problem with my GPU - Asus GTX560 DirectCUII (deafult clocks 850/1050), I checked in gpu-z gpu/mem load at desktop - 0%, screens:

and this is annoying, I mean- in desktop my GPU gets too much C* - 51, it's too much, but this isn't only thing- second is ofc high power consumption.

What can I do? (btw. Asus help center sucks..)


Asus P5Q Pro P45
Intel C2D s775 E8500@stock
GTX560 DirectCUII Asus OC
WD Caviar 1TB EALX
Win7 64bit
RAM A-data 800MHz Vitesta Edition
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  1. Oh, PSU Corsair 450W VXEU
  2. Got the same problem as you right now. The problem is the web browser and flash. The only way I can get lower clocks is to not have firefox open. Windows updates have caused some problems so I turned them off as they caused fraps to not work grr.
  3. its the almighty Nvidia drivers. i dont see any problems though
  4. I have Chrome, anyway - with any application turn on/off (except system- explorer etc.) gpu's still in 3D, 0%load and still 3D..
  5. There is still something putting a load on the card that isn't windows. Check what is still active when you are not on the web with task manager and look for anything adobe.
  6. I closed all processes - and use force'2D' by Asus Tweak, and guess what - voltage is ok, but clock's - just WTF nVidia?! I don't get it..

    *sorry, I'm from PL so text is in my language.
  7. I guess that you might have to wait like the rest of us for a decent fix. This is why I always lag behind when it comes to driver updates.
  8. @somethingnew

    When I switch pciex slot from blue x16 to black x8 - gpu starts working normally - with lower voltage and clocks, again - wtf? I have no idea what can I do.
  9. Something rly weird, please answer me:

    I put into my pc GF GT210 (ddr2, palit I guess- red, nvm), and guess what - this card in same slot where was GTX560 is ok - power consumption is ok, temperature is ok - should I send back GTX to shop?

    Same thing:

    My God thanks tomshardware :D:D:D
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