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$150 Budget For a Case

Hello. I would just like to ask for some suggestions for a case. My requirements are:

-Able to fit an h100
-Reasonably quiet fans and a build that doesn't spray the sound all over the place (If you could recommend some quiet fans that are reasonably priced, that would be good too).
-A more elegant look. Nothing that's too in-your-face. I rather like front panel doors, but meshes are nice too if they're not overdone.
-Of course, easy management, good build quality
-Mid of full towers both work, as long as radiators are possible.
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  1. fractal design define r4.
  2. How roomy is that case exactly? Also, how does it compare against a Corsair 550D or Antec p280?
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    It fits the h100, it's better than those two cases in terms of acoustics and cooling.
    The fractal design define R4 is a good choice.
  4. Alright. Thank you very much. Unless anybody has other suggestions, that will probably be my pick. A case with mesh on the front would be nice so that I may compare the two.

    EDIT: Can anybody recommend a mesh case that might compete with the Lian Li PC-K62? As far as mesh cases go, that's the kind of look I like. Fulls or mids are fine.
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