Games freezing all of a sudden?

So about a week ago I ran out of bandwidth and decided to take a little break from gaming. In this time my computer was on but was rarely used (only for facebook, etc). Before this, all games (League of Legends, BF3, Arkham City, L4D2) were running perfectly fine.

Today, I decided to start playing again. The moment I started playing League I noticed that my FPS would jump from 50 fps to 65 fps back and forth. My fps used to stay at a stable 60fps (I have it set so it should do this). I assumed that it was just something minor.

So I started playing L4D2. I was playing on max, and it was running very smooth. All of a sudden the game starts stuttering and it freezes, permanently. I could not move my mouse, alt tab, or anything. I was forced to do a restart.

This kept happening throughout the day. It would work fine then just freeze suddenly and I would have to restart. I am using Afterburner and checked the logs. This was right when it froze:
GPU temperature ,GPU usage ,Fan speed ,Fan tachometer ,Core clock ,Memory clock
53.000 ,23.000 ,93.000 ,3573.000 819.999 ,1050.000

And when I restarted(Idle):
40.000 ,3.000 ,60.000 ,2712.000 ,99.999 ,150.000

I am running a dual core CPU, with a Gigabyte 6850, 4gb ram and a 500w PSU.

Maybe this is a PSU problem?
I have noooo idea.

My card is insured but I was wondering if I could have some help so that the problem doesn't persist even if I get a new card.

Thank you
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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand it froze in League of Legends this time -_- I don't understand how it can go from working fine to not working at all in one day that I didn't even have the PC on...
  2. try uninstalling ur old drivers and installing the lastest you have your computer running 24/7? if so how long have you had it?
  3. I already uninstalled old and installed new drivers for everything.

    Nope I don't usually have it running all the time, I usually turn it off at night. I have had the PC for maybe two years?

    So I just got off the phone with HP tech support who made me take the card out of the PC and run disc cleanups and such. It seems faster, but the problem is that I can't test it out in game because I took the card out ahahaha. I'm going to put it back in, and if the computer (not games) seem slower than now I might send the card in. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd the computer just froze again for a little bit, but its back to full speed now... O.O

    I'm really curious as to if the card was the problem how it could slow down regular computer use.
  4. did the card come with the pc or did you add that in? also if you added it in did you add the psu or was that stock?
  5. I added both in a few months ago .
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    one thing to check is to try and run memtest to rule your RAM out.
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  8. Sorry for the late reply. I found out the problem and it wasn't anything hardware related.

    So apparently wmpnetwk.exe (windows media player sharing service) decided to start running even though I never used it. Somehow it was taking up 95% of my memory. Managed to remove the service and I'm back to normal now :D
  9. good glad you figured it out....thats odd that that service would randomly startup
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