Cheapst MOBO that support SLI

Here is the specs
PNY gtx 670
ECS P67H2-A3 (people says this only support crossfire, not SLI)
OCZ ModXstream pro700W
Coller master hyper 212 Plus

I would like to find a cheapest MOBO (70$-100$) that support SLI and is compatible with both Sandy bridge and Ivey Bridge (for future upgrade). Any opinion is wellcome. Thank you so much for your support
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  1. Crossfire is AMD's term, and SLI is Nvidia's term for the same function.

    The GTX 670 should work fine as a single card.

    Start looking for Intel CPU motherboards and there are dozens to choose from. Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, Asrock, etc.

    Look for socket LGA 1155 motherboards.

    Here is one example: (please checkout a few other boards also).
  2. The motherboard linked above is a nice cheap board, and is recommended by this site so it'd be a good purchase if u want to run sli, which again a single 670 is fine but up to u lol
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