GTX 560 SE or GTX 550 Ti


I am looking to buy a graphics card for gaming (Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3 etc preferably at 1920x1080 with medium to high settings. As long as the frame rate is above 30 i'm good.).

My budget is $150.

I'm trying to decide between these two :

GTX 560 SE


GTX 550 Ti

I already know the Geforce GTX 560 SE is more powerful than the Geforce GTX 550 Ti.

Right now I have a 400W PSU but the GTX 560 SE requires a 450W PSU so I am looking at this one :

(Also, I do not know if my current PSU has a 6-pin connector. How do I check whether it does?)

So my question is this : Should I get the GTX 550 Ti or should I buy the GTX 560 SE and get the PSU?

Current System :

400W PSU (not sure which brand)
AMD Athlon II X4 640 (overclocked to 3.4 GHz)
ZOTAC Geforce GT 430
8 GB DDR3 Ram (1333 MHz default - OC'd to 1600 MHz)
Biostar A880GU3 motherboard
500GB Harddrive 7200RPM (forgot the brand)

Also, Do I need to post any other information?
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  1. I would suggest upgrading the power supply anyways just to be safe even if it means spending a little more time saving money to afford the card and the psu.

    I never recommend a 550ti as there are many cards that beat it price/performance so definately the 560SE over the 550ti if those were your only two options.
  2. My budget is 150 dollars total- the PSU is 30 so that leaves $120. Are there any better Graphics Cards I can buy with $120?

    Also, is this PSU any good? Is there a better one I can buy for $30 or less?
  3. Logisys is absolutely the worst PSU's on the market, stay clear of them at all costs!

    Here is an amazing deal on a 520w modular PSU from seasonic (one of the best PSU manufacturers) :

    Its 50 bucks after promo code, its usually around 80 bucks.

    Very worthwhile to increase your budget by 20 dollars to get the PSU.

    Also, gtx 560se is a very good choice, at 120 dollars it is by far the best value on the market right now.
  4. Absolutely not, unless you want to start a fire or damage your brand spanking new graphics card with an unstable power source.

    You need to convince whoever is purchasing this for you that you need 20 extra dollars. Check the warranty on the PSU i listed and then look at the ones you linked.
  5. And i was wrong, the PSU i linked normally sells for 99.00 bucks, i am actually purchasing 3 of them for future builds.
  6. What about this one :

    The reviews are good.
  7. No lol.

    If you seriously cannot come up with 20 dollars you need to downgrade graphics cards. PSU is that important.
  8. About the PSU you linked - do you think that deal will last for a week? I'm going to be gone for a week so I can't order it until after I'm back...

    Also, do deals like this come often?
  9. Best answer
    You could get a GTX 460(outperforms both). Your 560SE is a GTX 555 figuratively. It's $130 on Amazon. You may wanna get a 675 watt PSU like
    It's $50 after ebate and with shipping included. The GTX 460 is $105 at
  10. CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 $44.99
    $34.99 after mail-in rebate card
    EVGA 01G-P3-1464-KR GeForce GTX 560 SE $119.99
    $109.99 after mail-in rebate card
  11. Here is a very good deal on a 6770:

    87.99 with promo code. It is faster than a 550ti and a bit slower than a 560se, it is cheap because it uses overstock of last generation cooling systems (as you can tell by the ati on the logo).
  12. No, the promo code ends tomorrow on the PSU.
  13. I already checked benchmarks on the 460 vs 560 SE... The SE outperformed the 460 in all of them..

    Are any of these PSU's any good?

    Also..I would prefer an nVidia card over an ATI/AMD
  14. Are any of those four good? What about the one hunter suggested ?
  15. The four I mentioned were 80 PLUS certified BTW
  16. The only one of those you linked that are good is the silverstone, but not sure why you are linking those because the one i linked is 50.00 with free shipping, better specs, better warranty.

    The one i linked virtually makes every PSU on newegg obsolete for people using one graphics card with 2 6 pin connectors. You wont find a better deal.

    3 Thing with PSU's:

    1. Brand. Corsair, seasonic, antec, some OCZ stuff.
    2. 80 plus rated. Not only does this save power and produce better and cleaner power, it usually denotes quality in a product.
    3. Amps. Much more important than watts.
  17. The reason i can't buy the one you linked is that I won't be here for a week, so if I buy it right now it'll be lying outside my house for a week exposed to rain, snow etc.
  18. You said Corsair was a good brand...What about this one?
  19. THen you should subscribe to the newegg newsletter so you are informed on the specials they have going on (you get a daily email). Also check their front page everyday for shell shockers.
  20. Corsair builder series is ok, but not nearly as good as what i linked. Its not modular, has only 3 year warranty, barely passed 80 plus certification and has less amps on the 12 volt rail.
  21. I'm already subscribed.
  22. So I guess I'll post back here in a week with PSU options.

    Thanks for all your help.
  23. Scotty99 said:
    Corsair builder series is ok, but not nearly as good as what i linked. Its not modular, has only 3 year warranty, barely passed 80 plus certification and has less amps on the 12 volt rail.

    Yeah, I'll look at some PSU's when I get back and post here.
  24. Too bad you dont have the money now, that seasonic will probably go up in price as well as the 560se (they just recently lowered it from 130 to 120) but oh well, hopefully they have some good deals next week too : )
  25. I used the SE on my last build. Then I used a 460 on my older build. Both were using i5 2500k and G. SKILLZ 8GB @1600MHz. I did a side by side comparison(same settings on both) in BF3. My GTX 460 did better then my SE. What website did you get your benchmark? Make sure you had the 1GB version. I'm SLIing those in my next build.
  26. Oh...I checked on Passmark and you're right - the gtx 460 is better. Someone on another forum said the 560 SE was better than the 460..
  27. pmarathe25 said:
    Oh...I checked on Passmark and you're right - the gtx 460 is better. Someone on another forum said the 560 SE was better than the 460..

    Like newegg reviews, personal opinions usually screw over the end-buyer into thinking something is good/bad lol.
  28. So what's the best graphics card on the market that i can get for less than $120? Also, instead of buying a PSU, i'm buying a case that comes with a PSU (my case is a microATX minitower, so i don't know which PSU I need to buy and all the ones i'm looking at say ATX or ATX12)
  29. Also, is it possible to upgrade the PSU on my case (since it's a microATX minitower) or do I need to buy a new case? Is there a special type of power supply which is compatible with a microATX case or can I use any PSU?

    The simensions of my case are 7"Wx16"Lx15"H
  30. The best card is the GTX 460
    I would buy a new midTower case. I don't know if the make PSUs for your kind. Here's a case that will fall into your $150 budget(with PSU):
    I just don't think 500 watts is enough for any system. If you could post some full specs that would help.
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