My computer cant stay on long without resetting

I built my system about two years ago specs include windows 7home premium64 bit, 785gm-e51 mobo, phenom ii 955 black edition quad core x4 cpu, 8gb ocz ddr3, nvid 9500gt gpu, westinghouse 500gb hdd, and corsair 800 watt psu. A few weeks ago my system had several overheats in turn I reseated tthe cpu and applied new thermal paste as well as opening up my tower and adding my honeywell fan to the cpu area of my chipset. This seemed to the trick until a week later I started to get bsods with0x124 finally 2 days ago my baby was unable to stay running after posting. Hoping it was simple driver issue I tried to boot from cd to only have it reset on me right after i ran the repair program. I can run bios and and memtest86(no errors) only. reseting bios didnt help either. Psu works in another system and I have tried removing all 'extra' hardware. I cant get a dump log or do chkdsk since it resets or blue screens before ican do so. Sometimes when I try startup repair I ocassionally get a hyper transport sync flood error. The exact blue screen looks like this
Stop:0x0000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0x00000000b66b4000,0x00000000000135)
Any idea short of buying new mobo?
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  1. Try each stick of ram separately, you may have a bad stick.

    If it runs long enough, run memtest86.
  2. I ran memtest86 from my avg rescue disk with no errors over several hours no errors were found. Its gotta be hdd, OS, mobo or cpu related.
  3. In my experience, stop errors are always ram related. I'm not saying it couldn't be something else, but it's unlikely.

    Try removing all the memory except one stick. If you still have problems, take it out and try another by itself. You may be able to identify a bad stick this way.

    ****Make sure you turn off computer, unplug, and turn off psu. Then press power button a couple times to remove remaining power in capacitors (you'll see fans jump and lights flash), BEFORE you attempt to remove/insert dimms.
  4. I borrowed 2 sticks of corsair 4gb from a buddy and I am still having same issue while trying his 2 stick as well as my 2 each invidually and still have same stop errors.
  5. What are your temps?

    I have no idea what you mean by "added honeywell fan to the cpu area of my chipset".

    Cpu area of your chipset??
  6. I had been getting overheats when I was rendering video or playing games like Skyrim or Mass effect 3. So I figured I needed more air flow other then the stock fan and case fan. So I opened up the door on my case and added a small black fan(honeywell is the brand). This kept it from overheating for about a week. In bios I am running anywhere from 57-61 C. I dont know what they look like while running the OS but I think it would be a bit more.
  7. Temps are always higher in bios.
  8. Was able to boot in safe mode with command promptI was able to pull up this in shutdown info . I am now thinking it is security issue. Since I am unable to do repairs via disk or startup repair am I left with clean install as only option?
  9. Just did system restore through command prompt and now I am unable to enter safe mode with command prompt anymore WTF.
  10. be sure to update your bios

    reset cmos

    and check your psu

    try reading this it could be a faulty hdd and run the windows disk check
    how to get to disk check

    1) start menu
    2) computer
    3) right click your hdd
    4) properties
    5) tools tab
    6) error checking(also try running defrag)

    Hope this helped

    P.S. i think i may have seen somthing like this before and i think it was caused by not updated drivers so be sure all yours are updated
  11. Ok so new update put in brand new psu and that didnt fix it. Next I tried to repair via oem disk that didnt work either. Then to be absolutely sure I ran memtest86 and I gotno errors. I know my hardrive is good. So last night I format my harddrive and attempt clean install. Everything appears to be going fine until windows resets as part of instalation process and as it comes up again I see bluescreen flash and when it reboots it tells my their was error installing and it will now restart my computer. Repair via oem disk dont help.....very frustrated thinking I need new mobo.
  12. Startup repair says it cant fix issues aitomatically
    Prob sig#1 6.1.7600.16385
    Prob sig #2 6.1.7600.16385
    Prob sig #3 unknown
    Prob sig #4 1163
    Prob sig #5 external media
    Prob sig #6 1
    Prob sig #7failure during setup.
    If anybody can make sense of these I would be greatly thankful.
  13. hmm... do you have any friends with a copy of the windows installation disk? just to see if the fresh install will help and maybe it failing is because of bad installation.

    Though after all of this I do believe that it is your mobo... Do you still have coverage? and Also check your caps

    I think you need a new mobo
  14. All caps look fine no bulging or leaks. I have been using original oem disk to try and clean install but it keeps having issues after windows resets after the first part of installion process. Sadly mobo is not covered. My feeling is there is short somewhere.
  15. hmm... i dont see how there could be a short... try using the mobo speakers
  16. I dont have mobo speakers but have pretty much eliminated everything ele. Could possibly be cpu but apparently those rarely go out
  17. yeah that is very rare...

    Do you have any other computer you can test your parts in because im almost possitive that the mobo is the problem
  18. All my friend have laptops. So I going to have to truxt my got feeling. If I had to guess what is trueiy wrong I would have to say the mobos wiring to the cpu. I kept getting hyper transport sync flood errors when trying to boot into safe mode and it seems cut out on any type of cpu load. Also about one and a half months ago I saw blue spark from mobo by cpu, afterwords everything appeared normal until recently. now I get to shop for new mobo that is phenom ii compatible.
  19. hahah so what then you are going to replace both mobo and cpu because i have a mobo that i use and its pretty nice
  20. Doubt cpu is bad was looking to get a replacement mobo. Cpu is still covered by warranty if thats bad
  21. Issue was with one of cpu cores a frind recommended I go into msconfig and turn on just one processor core on boot and when irebooted I was sudenly stable so I am RMAing cpu and I have sucessfully figured out my problem. If any on wants to try this go to msconfig then click on boot then click advance options and click cpu core and choose 1. Then reboot and see if you still have problems
  22. ok glad you figured it out :D
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