What is the point of a Geforce 620 or something similar

what is the point of a card like this? Looking at nvidia's website and these "new" cards look they are from 1995.

Most motherboards have on onboard display or the CPUs have integrated graphics.

None of these crappy cards will run any games so why buy them?
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  1. they are for OEM's mostly...like dell or other pc manufacturers....personally I am with you I dont see a point to these types of cards but there are some advantages....multi monitor support having a card like this allows you to run more monitors...it also frees up system ram compared to integrated graphics and it generally will still perform better than integrated even though sometimes not by much
  2. using more than 1 monitor was the only thing I thought of.

    They seem so junky.
  3. They have a use. It frees up the resources of the computer to do other things.
  4. They also make nvidia money because computer clueless people think that 620 or 630 are gaming cards, because those computers with them inside often get advertised as gaming PCs.
  5. ^ this is very true lol I dont know how many people I have talked to that are like yea I have a gaming pc I play games all the time on it...and then I dig deeper to find out they have a card like the 630.....facepalm lol
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