Computer doesn't boot or POST

I had this computer for 11 months now. I built it myself.

i5 2500k (not overclock currently)
Corsair 2x4GB DDR3
MSI 6950 Twin Frozr 3 (shaders unlocked to 6970)
Crucial m4 128GB
WD Black 750GB
Corsair 750TXM

Okay, the problem is that my system doesn't boot at all. I can see the LED on my mobo are lit but the second I try to boot, my computer makes this small skweking sound and then does nothing. I am 100% everything is connected correctly. Before this happen, I was in the dual boot menu. Windows 8 RTM is my main OS. I had deleted Windows 7 from my HDD and I wanted to get rid of the dual boot menu. I picked W7 from the boot option. I would assume that my system go boot W7 and realize it is not there thus removing W7 from the dual boot menu. It restarted and proceed to boot W7 then showed and error and ask me if I wanted to go back to the OS selection menu. I hit enter and my system restarted It then went bleh and refuse to boot. I tried unpluging my HDD and nope. I plug my SSD into another system and it booted. I don't know what is wrong. Please help.
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  1. Can you try another power supply?
  2. I will give it a try. I have a spare 550W PSU. I will get back in 5 minutes
  3. The computer still doesn't boot with another PSU. Any more advice?
  4. pull the video card...see if it posts and gives you a cmos beep code. you may have a dead part that shorting out your build. i would try bare bone stick of drives. and see if you can get the bios screen to post.
  5. Okay. I will try that. I know 100% that my RAM, GPU, HDD, SSD, and PSU works. I know the problem is around my Mobo or CPU. I will see if it POST barebone. I however can't find my POST speaker.
  6. I tried running it barebone. I had a DMM in place for a speaker and from what I saw, there was no POST. My computer did absolutely nothing. Is the problem a defective motherboard?
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    you tried clearing the cmos??? if so i look into rma the mb first.sound like something failed on you.
  8. here is how to clear your cmos

    also i think it may be mobo
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  10. It turns out my motherboard is dead. It seems to be common among ASUS P8P67. I RMA it already. I however also think it sent 12v to my CPU and fried it. I am sad that a custom built computer failed before someone cheap hp/dell probably did.
  11. Yeah well im glad you were able to fix it
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