Going from Zotac GTX-560 1gb 256bit to EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 Ultra

So I'm in the savings to upgrade my computer in 5-7 months. For the past 5 years it has looked like this:

Asus m2n-E motherboard
3gb kingston 333mhz ram
AMD Athalon 64x2 6000+ cpu
soundblaster x-fi fatality champion sound card
Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

I upgraded the Case to a Coolermaster HAF 922 from a thermaltake tenor two years ago because it was always overheating even when dust free. Also installed a coolermaster V8 cpu cooler and 800watt power supply at same time.

At the time when I built it back in 2007 it really seemed to handle playing a ton of games at decent level. 5 years later its not near the machine it once was with current games, which is why I want to start upgrading. On a whim last weekend I was shopping and noticed that there was a Zotac GTX 560 1gb for $200. I was gonna get 2 GTX 560Ti 448 Ultra when I built my upgrade, but thought that this was a budget way to get some more power to get me by the next few months. I thought to track down an old Phenom X4 9950 and 4gb of 800mhz ram, also upgrading from win7 32bit to 64bit. Unfortunately that route ended short when I realized that finding the processor was gonna be to much work than I thought. So now I started looking at my upgrade more seriously and decided to return the GTX 560 1gb that I bought 4 days ago and play 1hr tops of game on and go for the 560 Ti 448 Ultra that I originally wanted. (is this still making any sense to anyone??) That card is gonna be here in two days. In the meantime I have two options:

1) leave the card in to return once I have the other card

2) uninstall it and re-install my 8800gt for the next couple days and return the other GTX 560 and just wait for the new one to arrive.

I'd like to do option 1 but wondering if since I already have the newest driver off of Nvidia installed, could I just unplug my computer and swap cards without having to uninstall everything and reinstall it again??? I've never switched between two versions of the same card especially within the same week, so I don't know if just unplugging one and plugging in the other one will work or if there is some special driver on the install disc of the new card about to arrive. Can anyone explain??? Any thoughts if I will see a difference between the two cards on my current setup??? When I get my new motherboard, processor and ram I will be getting another of those cards to do SLI. Was gonna get a AMD FX-8150 with Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard, and Corsair Vengence LP 16GB ram, but now gonna get a i7-3770K Processor with Asus P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard. Sorry for the long post btw.
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    For less than the price of a GTX 560 Ti 448, I would suggest getting the GTX 480, it will run it over the 560 Ti 448 in performance. This card would let you play most games on ultra settings.

    Since you have the GTX 560 Ti 448 arriving shortly, then you can simply swap it out as the 8800GT uses the same unified drivers as a GTX 680. You will be fine, just swap it out and be on your way. Going the Intel route would be better for long time usage.
  2. So I can just leave the GTX 560 in there and when the new GTX560Ti shows up just swap them with no driver changes or anything???? Or are you saying that with the current drivers I have installed, I can use them to run the 8800gt so that I can return the gtx560 1GB.
  3. Yes, the drivers will work for all of those cards. You can swap in the 8800GT now and it won't be an issue.
  4. Awesome thank you!!!
  5. I got the card this morning. For some reason when I did the swap out, windows tried to re-install the same driver that I had installed. Funny thing is my settings are that I have to give permission to search for and install drivers. It screwed up the entire install and remained the same after I did the reset. Had to do a complete uninstall and fresh clean install of the same driver and physx. No big deal though as it really only took up about half hour to be up and running. Really nice card though runs quieter than the other card even with precision x fan profile at 60%. Now to get together another $700ish together so I can get the rest of those components.
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