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my computer just crashed two times. I think it's problem with processor heating. Idle temp. is 40°C, but in load (terragen rendering) goes up to 95°C. After crash computer is not able boot about 1 hour
First crash came from nowhere, I just watchin' movie and some internet stuff.
Second crash was "on purpose", I ran some heavy math algorithms. It went just fine (even on 95°C) and stable about half an hour. In moment when I stopped that process, computer crashed and again, one hour nothing but 1 sec fan spins (no POST beep).

Strange thing is that until today it was all good, no dust in computer, 100% processor load is pretty common in my work, computer never crashed.

It's not a problem to buy some new cooler, but I'am looking for other ideas, if it's not something else.

Intel 2600K (no OC)
mobo Intel DH67BL
16GB 1600MHz Corsair rams
nVidia GTX570
700W Corsair PSU
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    It is quite possible that the CPU is damaged. 95 degrees C is what you are seeing; however, the temperature spikes are not noticed. The temps spikes may have fried the CPU.

    To reduce the temps. you need to look into a good after-market heatsink and assemble it to the CPU using high quality thermal compound; a very thin layer according to established industry standards.

    For your type of application I hope you are not using the stock Intel heatsink.
  2. So, just for information.
    Problem solved, it was not problem of heatsink (per se) or processor itself.
    I just tried some swap test an in the end - it was mobo issue. Never saw or even heard about something like that.

    Anyway, thank you for your comment :-)

  3. Glad everything worked out well!
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