Very quiet CPU cooler?

So i have £50 to spend on an air CPU cooler, or a water CPU cooler, but thats simple enough, but what is Extremely quiet, but keeps the CPU very cool? on a budget of £50 as I have just spent loads on upgrading..

It must be AM3+.

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  1. a cooler master hyper 212 is usually the best option for its cost, but not real sure on its sound levels but can always replace the one fan with quiet ones and run two fans and have both set at a low speed, like these
  2. Maybe i should have been more specific, it needs to be able to fit over Corsairs Vengeance ram, the motherboard is an Msi 970a-G46, also im in the UK and its more to do with sound than the price, thanks.
  3. shouldnt be any issues with ram, and same with the heatsink, as i said two fans cool better than one, and u can control the fan speeds usually with speedfan or something to a more desired speed. My Zalman 9900 cnps b max keeps my x6 cool, and at 100% its not too loud so lower should be good
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