Placing a heatsink and fan on ATI HD5450 silent.

hy guys,, i planning to put a heatsink and fan to my ATI HD5450 silent. I think a temp can cool down about 10c. Should i do that ?
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    There's no reason to.
  2. When running on full load what is the limit temp for that gpu ? 80c or ....?
  3. Waste of time IMO. If you really have the itch to fix something, ditch that GPU and get something a little better. You could get a Radeon HD 6670 or a Radeon HD 7750 for roughly twice the amount of money your going to throw away on the heatsink and fan for the 5450.
  4. I would saw its a waste of time. That card was designed to run with that heatsink.
  5. i get 9800gtx today..
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