System freezes when playing games

So as the title states, I am having issues with my PC in that anytime I play a game (games I've tried:ME2, GTAIV, DIRT3) I get X amount of playing time with zero issues (anywhere between 1 and 20min.) before the game just freezes. Well really my entire system freezes, wont allow me to open a task manager or anything.

My Specs:

Uploaded with

What I've tried before bugging you nice gents:

-Reinstalling Catalyst 12.8 twice
-Repairing Catalyst
-Turning off onboard video
-Memory test (physical and system)
-registry cleanup
-system cleanup

After uninstalling catalyst my computer gains an unreal speed boost, but once i put catalyst back on my system it slows down considerably.

Any suggestions?
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  1. please, any help would be hugely appreciated. I am completely lost
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