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What is the best card for my PC's PSU?

Here is my computer:

It's only been 2 months since I bought that whole PC and the GT 545 is already screwed. Fan stopped spinning even after I cleaned out dust with canned gas, but when I use MSI Afterburner to manually set a fan speed, then it spins.

However, I set fan speed to 100% and it still runs over 85-90C when I am only playing Dota2 (which is not a very demanding game). If I don't use MSI Afterburner to set a fan speed, then the fan doesn't seem to spin at all.

I asked around on Reddit about what I need to do to fix/replace the fan, and they suggested to me that I should just buy and upgrade a new card because the GT 545 isn't that great (which I know is true so I would like an upgrade)

My question is: what would be the best GPU that would work well with my PSU considering the power that my other parts are using up? You can find the specs in the link at the beginning of this post, and if needed, here is my PSU:

"AcBel HBA008-ZA1GT 350"

NewEgg says the PSU is 300w (350 peak)

Other specs (you can see these in the link):

i7-3770k CPU
8GB Ram
GT 545 (current GPU)
PCI-E 2 x16 slot

Can somebody tell me the best GPU for my PC that is below $200, and the best for above $200?

Thanks a lot!
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    The HD 7750 would fit your needs good. You will need to upgrade the PSU if you want to have a stronger GPU in your system.
  2. El Tigre said:
    The HD 7750 would fit your needs good. You will need to upgrade the PSU if you want to have a stronger GPU in your system.

    Thanks for the ridiculously fast reply. A person on Reddit's techsupport section suggested that I should get a 7770 but it would be cutting it a bit close on the power consumption, and that I would be safer with 7750. I am assuming you are saying this is true?

    Would getting a 7770 be too dangerous? and would a 7750 make me completely 100% safe for power? (although from some charts I looked at, there doesn't seem to be too much of a performance difference between the two)

    I also wish to not upgrade my PSU yet, and stay away from upgrades in general for now, because I only bought this PC less than 2-3 months ago

    Thanks again for the fast response
  3. It's doubtful that you can even hook up the 7770 because it requires a 6 pin PCIe power connector. That's why the 7750 was suggested. It doesn't require any more power than that supplied by the PCIe slot itself.
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  5. Suggest that you upgrade the PS....this is limiting to what you can add for a graphics card. Even a budget priced one like an Antec VP-450 will be much better than your existing PS. Or if you are planning for a moderate to high end gamer, then you are looking at 500-600 watts as a minimum.

  6. Bud, if you're trying to run all that on a no-name PSU, I highly recommend you replace that at the same time you replace you video card. If you have any kind of a budget, I personally like Antec units. 650W should be a good start. It will also let you upgrade to a nicer video card, such as a GTX 660TI when it comes out or a Radeon HD 7850/7870.
  7. the reason I do not want to upgrade PSU is because

    1) only 2-3 month old PC, don't wish to spend too much money yet, and
    2) I don't really play any of those highly demanding FPS games like Battlefield - I mostly play Dota 2 and some other Steam games that are more than 1 year old. Never had any problems with games with the crappy GT 545, except with Guild Wars 2 but that was an optimization error on their part (many people with nvidia drivers getting crashing issues)

    I think I will be ordering a 7750 very soon unless someone strongly suggests otherwise, to replace my broken GT 545 and for a slight upgrade.
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