Radeon hd 4870 X2 - 3 red lites ...

Hello. Out of the blue, after several years of running fine, my monitor goes into "power saving mode" I cant get out of. Snooping around I see 3 red lites on my vid card, both vid cards actually ( I have 2 in Cross fire mode. I cannot figure out why the issue has occurred. I've moved my cards arouind, went to each as a single card, changed out my psu......still 3 red lites. On occasion I can get as far as being able to get into BIOS, but quite quickly and before I can do much looking around, back into blank screen and 3 red lites.

So: 1) are the vid cards the same time?
2) I did change out the PSU without any luck.
3) Could it be a bad MB? It's an ASUS P5Q Deluxe
4) What else could it be?
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  1. What PSU were you using beforehand?

    Have you researched what the red lights mean?
  2. The 3 lites are labelled:

    HD4870 LEDs

    D1601 - Red LED On, shows critical temperature fault

    D1602 - Red LED On, shows External power connector A was removed

    D1603 - Red LED On, shows External power connector B was removed

    D601 - Red LED On, shows critical Core power fault

    This suggests a power source as the culprit. This, as well as what I've found on other boards, is why I changed out the PSU, thinking that this was a likely culprit. The "old" one was a Rosewill 1000, the "new" one a Rosewill 750.

  3. btw, the fans all seem to work ok.

    I don't get all 4 lites. The D601 is not on.

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    Seeing D601 is a expensive problem-it usually means the card's dead.
    I'm sure I had this with a new build years ago, the problem turned out to be the CPU heatsink had not seated correctly, the pushpins had not fully locked and the CPU overheated in a few seconds.
    And, as I recall, there were issues with the retention pins going soft and loosing their grip over time, perhaps this is the problem?
  5. Well, that's exactly what it was. I took apart the cpu cooler (Zal) found the cmpd to be dry and crumbly, replaced it with fresh, rebooted, and viola! It works again.

    Thanks for the brain nudge Coozie!
  6. Nice :).
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  9. Done, and thanks again.

    Later all.
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