Very Budget Build For AE CS5

I'm very tight on money, only about $325 to build with. I need something to use for rendering in After Effects CS5. AE doesn't have any GPU acceleration, so I'm not going all out in that department. Here's what I'm thinking. A few items are currently Combo Deals at Newegg.

CPU - AMD FX-6200

MotherBoard - ASRock 880GM-LE FX


CASE - Rosewill FBM-01
PSU - Rosewill Green Series 430W

I'm curious if that's OK for the build. It comes to $311 including the $10 gift card. After taxes it comes to about $328.

Also, I need to know if the MB will take the FX Chip without a bios update. I don't own, nor can I get a hold of a previous model to update. From what I've researched, it doesn't seem to be a problem, but I know you guys would be able to verify that.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. All seems fine, for the budget. No problem with CPU/mobo combination. Case/PSU seems fine, but I'm not familiar with it, myself, so recommend you check out (if you haven't already) some user reviews to ensure there are no vent, or PSU, issues.
  2. In regards to the PSU, I checked out reviews and comments on multiple sites. I also put the components into the Newegg Calculator and it came out to 339 watts. So running 430W Continuous should be OK, even under full rendering.

    I was more worried about the CPU/MB compatibility issue. But apparently, it doesn't need a previous chip and bios update to recognize the FX-6200.
  3. Yes, as far as I could see case/PSU was fine, but M- ITX not really my field, so couldn't be sure. No problem with CPU/mobo. All round, not bad. Happy building.
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