Asus Maximus ii Formula - Astro A40?

So I have been looking for a new, more immersive set of headphones for pc gaming and the Astro A40's caught my eye. I have seen mixed information about the best way to set them up and what they require to function and want to make sure:

1) Great audio for PC gaming
2) Making sure whatever I get works on a little older system like this and is doable/worth it.
3) That I know exactly what I need to buy up front so I can price the package out.

1) Does the Asus Maximus ii Formula's on board sound support the headphones alone?
2) If so, is the onboard going to be great quality or is there something better?
3) If the onboard sound does not support this, then do I need the Astro mixer? Soundcard? Both?
4) What is needed to also use the headset for PS3 gaming as well?
5) Any suggestions outside of the Astro A40's?

Thank you in advance and I am happy to read any other advice/suggestions you might have as well.
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