550TI SLI Single Monitor Lower FPS in SLI Mode


I have 2xGTX550TI's running in SLI, i am getting a MUCH lower fps count in games (15-20fps) that i do with one 550TI running without SLI. All games run very choppy too :(
Sorry for bad english I am from sweden.

12 gb ddr3 ram
2xgtx550ti SLI
i5 3570k 3.5GHz
MSI 7676 Motherboard
850W PSU
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  1. I tried reinstalling drivers after using driver sweeper, still same problem
  2. What are you using to measure your framerate? If you're just trying to guess framerate and aren't actually sure on it, you might actually be experiencing "microstuttering".

  3. I'm using fraps, you can easily tell that the perfomance with two cards in sli is worse that just 1 card even without fraps, it makes somegames unplayable.
    I go from 60 fps on battlefield 3 on mid settings 1920*1080 to 15 fps with sli.
  4. Hmm. You might have a bad card. Have you tested them both in single card mode? Also, what PSU do you have? I know it says 850W, I'm just curious :)
  5. Is this your motherboard?

    If so, your problem is that one of the PCI-E is X4, which means that in SLI, your cards are bottlenecked by this, as in SLI both cards will run at X4. There really isn't a good way to get good performance from any SLI setup on that board.

    As I see it, you have 3 options.

    1) Get a new motherboard that supports 8X/8X or 16X/16X for dual video cards

    2) Sell both you 550TI's and get a 560TI or better.

    3) Sell one 550TI and game with the other.
  6. I have tested them both in single card mode and they both run equally as well.
    I have an 850 Tsunami PSU :p, i know it's not a name brand.
  7. Hey man, this is my board
    On the box it says 2XPCI Express 2.0 x16 slots
  8. That board supports 8X/8X PCI-E. So that can't be the issue. Fraps will drain FPS, though not that much. I think it might be a stuttering issue with SLI and your hardware.

    One last thought, what are your PCI-E settings in the BIOS?
  9. Do you have an SLI cable?
  10. Yes I have an sli cable lol, there is no setting for pci-e, i found a setting called PCI Latency timer? It had options for timings
  11. I doubt the answer will be found there. Is there a heat issue in your case with 2 550TI's being next to each other?
  12. Did you try the new BETA drivers?

    Did you see if both of the cards are running at the same speeds when under stress?
  13. The motherboard's pci slots are fairly wide apart so i know they can breathe, i will download beta drivers and report back. :)
  14. I tried the newest beta drivers for the 500 series and i got the same issue, how do i check if they are running at the same speeds?

    What should I do if they are running at different speeds?
  15. I ran the windows experience index with SLI enabled and it went from a 7.4 to a 6.8 in Gaming Graphics.
  16. Are both of your 550TI's identical? Same manufacturer? Or same clock speeds and spec?
  17. stant1rm said:
    Are both of your 550TI's identical? Same manufacturer? Or same clock speeds and spec?

    From what I am understanding now this shoudn't matter. clock speeds and ram should be able to be different (though wasteful) as long as it is the same GPU.
  18. just sell them and get a single GTX 560 TI or HD 7850 ?
  19. I'm wondering if it is the same gpu. Do you maybe have a 550, and 550TI?
  20. Nah they are the same gpu, i was asking around on another forum and we concluded that i have a dodgy psu. http://www.megaware.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=116605
    Do you guys agree?

    The guy told me that i will need at least 1000W PSU to run 550TI SLI but i thought that they werent that power hungry.
    Could this handle 550TI's in SLI with an i5 3570k at 4.1GHz?
  21. together they drawing about 300W ?
  22. A thousand watt PSU? uhhh... That's pretty extreme. A good 600W PSU is more then enough. Look at Antec, OCZ, Seasonic for good PSU's. I personally like the Antec Trio 650W or OCZ Modstream 700W for your build.
  23. yeah I would not even get a 1000w PSU for a couple 670 ti's in SLI....

    This isnt sounding like a power issue to me.
  24. I just installed the 296.10 legacy drivers and got a slight FPS increase :o
  25. Try different drivers until you fine the right one. This seems to make the most sense.
  26. Also try to replace that power supply! :ouch:
  27. If you have the money (I realize you're in Sweden, so I'm not aware of where you would get it) this would make for an excellent power supply - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703027
  28. I live in australia though lol :D
    Im going to try all drivers tonight
  29. I love Australia! I lived there for a summer :D
  30. sell both of em and get GTX 560 Ti...eheh
  31. Or get a GTX 570 for $220 on Newegg :)
  32. I mistakenly left this out.

    These are the cards in sli
    One is windforce the other isn't, could that be an issue? Are they clocked differently?
    Card 1

    Card 2
  33. no, it should not have any problems, because they are the same GTX 550 Ti. It is not whether Winforce, or non-Winforce, Asus, Palit, etc, as long as you have 2 same GTX 550 Ti, it shouldn't have any issues in SLI.
  34. Hello again :)

    After some constant tweaking in the Global Settings Option in the Nvidia Panel, I saw no prevail, so I decided to put the single fan GPU (which is clocked lower by factory default) in the first PCI slot. This generally fixed the problem, i still get fps drops in battlefield 3. Sometimes I can run Ultra at 1920x1080 at 60 fps without AA on and sometimes it runs at 20-40 fps, I don't know what is causing the inconsistency of the performance, if anyone has any other tips as how to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou for your help
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